If you’ve put a lot of time and money into upgrading your PC it only makes sense to upgrade your gaming peripherals too! Firstly you’re going to want the best gaming mouse on the market, check out our top 5!

#5 – Steel Series Rival 700

The Rival 700 is part of the steel series, one of the most popular among professional E-sports gamers and has earned a fierce reputation! This mouse carries an OLED display that can display a variety of different things, it offers features such as a modular design, RGB lighting, adjustable DPI settings with DPI maxing out 16,000 on the optical sensor and 8,000 on the laser sensor! This is a great mouse that would suit any gamer whether its FPS, RPG, MMO, this mouse has you covered!



#4 – ASUS ROG Spatha

Take a look at the Revolutionary Spatha, rated as one of the best MMO gaming mouse’s around! The Spatha belongs to ASUS’ top of the line republic of gamers line up meaning you’ll be getting all sorts of features! It has additional buttons, RGB effects that sync to your other ROG products such as motherboards, graphics cards and even your ASUS keyboard!

This mouse is also wireless but you can use a wire if preferred and it comes with a stylish charging bay! It also has 12 programmable buttons using the ASUS Armoury software – perfect for any MMO RPG gamers!


#3 – Razer Ouroboros

Personally one of my favourites, the Razer Ouroboros is an ambidextrous, stylish looking mouse and a direct competitor of the ASUS Spatha! Coming from one of the leading companies in the computing industry, this mouse comes with some great features! Most of the parts can be removed and shifted around and you also get weight tuning, something most professional gamers enjoy tweaking! Also adjustable is the palm rest, perfect for getting the best gripping experience! It also has 11 programable buttons as well as highly accurate dual sensors to keep everything in order!


#2 – Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

Logitech is one of the most popular computing peripheral companies in the industry so its no surprise that their G900 Chaos Spectrum would feature on our list! This mouse Rivals any of the others mainly because of the price as well as the amount of features it has! You can go from 200 to 12,000 DPI just for starters, it also has spectrum lighting – Logitechs own version of RGB lighting and you get the Legendary Software Suite that Logitech is loved for!

The G900 is also an ambidextrous design and can also be used wirelessly. This mouse is one of the most powerful on the market so don’t overlook it when considering what to go for!



#1 – Corsair M65 Pro RGB

With the M65 Pro, corsair have released a budget oriented high end product that’s proved popular among the professional gaming community. As the name suggests the mouse comes with RGB lighting that can be controlled through the Corsairs customization software which is easy to use! You can adjust the DPI with customizable buttons as well as a handy weight tuning system to make the mouse lighter and more manoeuvrable (something FPS gamers would highly benefit from). Although the features lean more towards first person shooters, any gamer would benefit from this mouse!


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