Its 2018 and the interest in space and gazing at the stars is more popular than ever so its no surprise that everyone from beginners to keen experts want to get their hands on a decent telescope! Here’s our list of 5 great affordable telescopes on the market in no particular order!

#1- The Celestron Nexstar 127 SLT

Although this telescope is a tad more pricey than what most beginners are willing to spend , it really is the perfect piece of kit for amateur star gazers! The 127 SLT is computerized making the task of locating cool things in space so much easier!

This telescope eliminates all the frustration of scouring sky maps to find interesting things out there and its the perfect balance of quality and price range so in my opinion beginners would benefit greatly by investing in a Nexstar than they would with most other telescopes!



#2- The Orion SkyQuest XT8

With nearly double the aperture size of the 10014 SkyQuest (a previous model) this telescope is one of the priciest on our list but it is also our highest rated! This telescope generates Professional Astronomer image quality and you’ll most definitely be getting your moneys worth!

The XT8 is suitable for any level of stargazer and you wont be feeling any need of upgrading soon as this telescope will serve you well as you advance in skill even if you’re already a veteran astronomer! The only downside to this rig is it weighs in at around 40 pounds so its a bit more bulky than others but we think that’s a small sacrifice considering the quality The Orion Xt8 provides.


#3 – The Celestron 127 EQ PowerSeeker

The PowerSeeker is a relatively powerful telescope considering its bargain price (under 200) so if you’re constrained by a budget this is a great option! Its is also a great choice for parents looking to buy their kids a great quality piece of kit to feed their curiosity of space! Its easy to set up, simple to use and you’ll be gazing into the unknown within minutes of unpackaging! This is a great buy!


#4 – The Orion 10014 SkyQuest

Though not quite as powerful as the XT8, this telescope still boasts some cool features. It has a longer focal length, its solid, well built and still produces a great image! the 10014 come with TheSkyX software that helps mapping the night sky which can be essential for beginners! This is a great mid range rig and affordable so we highly recommend this telescope if you’re just starting out!



#5 – The Orion StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector

This is a great choice for new astronomers! The StarBlast comes with a 4.5 inch aperture, two explorer telescope eye pieces and includes Starry Night computer software which helps beginners learn how to use their telescope. It also has a table top base which is great for portability and the mount is perfect for use in the back yard or on a deck!

Although this telescope is great for beginners, a more seasoned astronomer might opt for a more powerful rig. That being said, the StarBlast still allows you to see things such as the craters on the moon in great detail, just don’t expect to be discovering new solar systems without upgrading!


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