To succeed in Battle Royale you need to understand how the game works, how to build, how to fight and how to make the right choices at every point in the game. The focus of this guide will be on the most commonly neglected ways to boost your power as fast as possible!

Fortnite For Teens: The Complete 3-Book Bundle – Your Ultimate Guides for Winning Fortnite Battle Royale EVERYTIME!

The Fortnite Bible contains 3 comprehensive and strategy guides in 1 book so you can win multiple #1 VICTORY ROYALES and complete the all the missions!

Included are 3 books to help you win every Battle Royale:

Fortnite:Battle Royale – Advanced Tips, Tricks, and Strategies from the Worlds Top Players to BECOME A PRO
Fortnite:Battle Royale –The Ultimate Guide to Improve Your GUNPLAY AND SECRET BUILDING with Hidden Chests and more!
Fortnite:Battle Royale – The Ultimate Guide – SECRET TIPS, TRICKS AND STRATEGIES That The Elite Players and Top Streamers Use to Win

In this complete 3 in 1 guide you’ll discover:

Step by step strategies for securing your first solo win

Best Landing Spots to ensure a powerful Early Game

The only guaranteed method for improving glider speed

Controller layout tips to increase shooting accuracy and building speed

A complete item comparison guide so you always have the best inventory

The secret building strategy which will help you win more games

#1 defensive building technique new players must know

How to build fast even if you can’t handle high sensitivity

How to use camera angles to your advantage

The ultimate troll move which stops your enemy’s momentum.

The undisputed #1 location to land for the best loot

5 completely unknown tips which even pros aren’t aware of!

The best weapon combos for close range combat

The secret of the battle bus which will help you choose the best landing spot

How to level up and gain extra content

The completely legit way to always know where your enemies are (no cheating or hacking)

Best Early, Mid, and Late Game Strategies

Get all the information you need to improve the game in a single guide. You will find yourself doing better and better each game and enjoying the game even more!



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